iPhone 7 Rumour, Specs, Price and Release Date

iPhone 7 Rumors, Specs, Price and Release Date


Apple, the giant software firm usually announces their new devices in the month of September. Most of the people love Apple iPhone due to its incredible features and specifications. All the fans and iPhone Adorers have been enthusiastically waiting for the next version of iPhone i.e. iPhone 7. From the past few months, several news portals have been flooding numerous articles regarding the iPhone 7 rumours, Specs, price and release date.
It is anticipated that Apple is likely to introduce its brand new iPhone devices in few weeks. It is also expected that Apple will be showcasing its newly updated Apple Watch and many other Apple gadgets. All the Apple fans eagerly waiting for the iPhone 7 release can check out the rumours, specifications, price and release date of Apple iPhone 7. Based on the latest reports and leaked the rumours we have come up with a detailed article that comprises of iPhone 7 rumours, Specs, price and release date. Have a look!

iPhone 7 Rumours and Specs

Rumours regarding iPhone 7 have been spreading like a wild fire on various websites and we have picked up numerous hints about the new features and specifications that could appear on the new upcoming iPhone 7. Check it out!

iphone 7 rumors leaks

1. Design

The previous device of iPhone, iPhone 6 had a stunning design that grabbed the attention of every single iPhone Adorer. Now, for the upcoming iPhone 7, the design might be slightly different compared to its previous device. Apple might completely remove the antenna bands on the device. The design could be extremely significant and it could come in a curved screen design.

2. Storage

For every iPhone, Apple has included two storage variants like 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB. But now according to the latest reports, Apple might get rid of the 16 GB storage variant and continue with 32 GB, 64 GB and add up a new storage variant such as 128 GB.

3. iOS

For the iPhone 6 device, the company has rolled out a new operating system namely iOS 9 that had worked great for several users and at the same time ended up with malicious virus and bugs. Now Apple is planning to roll out iOS 10 for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus devices. Also, the company has made an availability to update various iPhones and iPads to iOS 10 operating system.

4. Headphone Jack

Apple is anticipated to provide a pair of Headphones along with the iPhone 7, so that the user could plug them into the device’s lightening port or the Headphone Jack could be a wireless pair of earbuds.

iPhone 7 Release Date, Price

Apple is likely to launch iPhone 7 in the month of September 7 and it is predicted that the sale of iPhone 7 will take place sometime on Friday in September itself. As expected, the iPhone 7 might release in 3 variants such as 4.7 inch phone namely iPhone 7, 5.5 inch variant namely iPhone 7 plus and another phone that could come in the series of 4 inch iPhone. According to some reports the release date of iPhone 7 could be probably on 6th or 7th of September, 2016.

Some other reports hint that the iPhone 7 release date and the availability to purchase could be on 23rd September, 2016. Coming to the price details of iPhone 7, the price could be slightly greater than its previous iPhone 6 device.

These are the various iPhone 7 rumors, Specs, price and release date. However, we have to wait till the official announcement and release date of Apple iPhone 7.

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