Xiaomi Mi Rs 1 Mobile Sale | Xiaomi celebrates 2nd Anniversary Re 1 Flash Sale

Xiaomi Mi Rs 1 Mobile Sale | Xiaomi celebrates 2nd Anniversary Re 1 Flash Sale

xiaomi mi Rs. 1 sale and deals

The most popular, Chinese smartphone manufacturing firm, Xiaomi has come up with exclusive flash sales and offers to all its customers for three days. The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is now celebrating its grand 2nd anniversary in India and as part of the celebrations; the giant smartphone company has rolled out an open sale for a three-day celebration for all the fans and adorers of Xiaomi.
The smartphone makers have already begun the sale starting July 20 and it will be ended on July 22. On the occasion of Second Anniversary, the Chinese smartphone makers has come up with exclusive offers and mouth-watering discounts and deals on some of its smartphones, Mi accessories and much more in a three-day sale which has commenced from Wednesday to Friday.

Xiaomi Offers Rs. 1 Flash Sale for all Mobiles

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing company has made its debut into the smartphone firm in India a couple of years ago i.e., in the month of July 2014. With the entry of Xiaomi brand into the smartphone market, it has created a trend and emerged as one of the most popular mobiles across the country by offering smartphones at an affordable cost for every individual.
Now, Xiaomi is celebrating the 3-day carnival and the flash sale has already started on Wednesday with great deals and discounts. Besides the great online deals, the Chinese firm has also announced exclusive Mi Store app-based deals. The company has offered incredible Rs 1 flash deals at 2 PM starting Wednesday wherein the company will be offering its flagship smartphones that include Mi 5, Mi Max, and Redmi Note 3.


Apart from its flagship smartphones, Xiaomi is also offering great Rs. 1 deals and exclusive discounts on some of its popular accessories like Mi Capsule Earphones, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Gold, 20000mAh Mi Power Bank, Mi Band, Mi Bluetooth Speaker and much more. The company has already announced that there will be limited stocks available in the Rs. 1 deals for the three days so the firm will be following the first come-first serve basis.

Exclusive Discounts & Deals for 3-Day Carnival

Xiaomi will be placing its flagship smartphones such as Mi 5, Mi Max and Redmi Note 3 in the flash sale for the three days at just Rs. 1. It has announced that, there will be ten units of Xiaomi Mi 5, Redmi Note 3 and Xiaomi Mi Max smartphone on the sale. Besides that, there will be 100 units of Power Bank, Xiaomi Mi Band and Bluetooth speaker available for the flash sale.
Celebrating the 2 years of entry into the smartphone market in India, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing firm has come up with a challenge for all its adorers and device users. It has come up with a memory challenge wherein more than Rs. 1 crore worth of coupons and Mi Phones can be won by the users just by winning the challenging game.

mi re 1 sale
Here is a list of products that are available for the Rs. 1 Flash Sales for 3 Days:
Flagship Smartphones

  • Xiaomi Mi 5
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Mi Max

Other Xiaomi Accessories

  • Mi Bluetooth speaker
  • 20000mAh Mi power bank
  • Mi Capsule Earphones
  • Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Gold
  • 20000mAh Mi Power Bank
  • Mi Band
  • Mi Bluetooth Speaker


mi head phones

All the users who are looking to purchase any of the products available on the Rs. 1 flash sale can sign up using their Xiaomi account or sign up via the social networking site, Facebook. Today, there is a Rs. 1 flash sale 10 wherein Redmi Note 3 smartphones and 100 Mi Band 1A trackers will be available for the sale.

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